KIRRA Executive Minutes


5.30pm Wednesday 21 March 2018 Ponsonby Cruising Club.

PRESENT: Gael Archer, Les Mellars, Patrick Clarke (Senior Community Ranger DOC), Andrew Fyfe, Pam Dallow, Shelley Futcher, Peter Buckton, Michael Marris, Lin Pardey, Nikki Porteous and Carl & Mandy Weaver (Pohutukawa Trust). APOLOGIES: Alan Marshall, Robynne Vis (DOC), Colin Bright, Lyn Hume, Beth Houlbrooke (Rodney Local Board Chairperson) and Greg Sayers (Rodney Ward, Auckland Councillor). 

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: No matters arising. Moved by Peter Buckton and seconded by Pam Dallow. 


Inwards: A thank you letter from Lyn Hume being award Honorary Membership. 

A letter from Colin Bright in regards to Customary Marine Titles /or Protected Customary Marine Rights.

Outwards: We wish Colin Bright a very Happy Birthday!

TREASURER’S REPORT: Financials were presented. Moved by Shelley Futcher and seconded by Les Mellars. 


Sandspit Wharf – There will be upgrades and minor repairs during the quiet season.

Reserve Management Plan – Keep on the agenda. Customary Rights Claims – Lin reported that there will be a meeting towards the end of June to clarify the boundaries as currently they overlap.  There are 222 claimants and 1700 respondents.  A request has been made for a website as with very claim made there are 14 new emails every 2 days.  It may take two to three years before it goes to court.  It is hard to define what a customary claim is and hard to define “occupation”.  Injustices to Maori have occurred.  Colin Bright in his absence at this meeting, sent the secretary a letter plus a copy of the letter he sent to Wellington High Court with three further Notices of Appearance and one Memorandum.  

Rodney Local Board – We need to re-establish KIAC as a statuary body.  Beth Houlbrooke and Greg Sayers, as does Mark Mitchell (National MP for Rodney), support this but the local board doesn’t.  Lyn Hume will pursue this in Lin Pardey’s absence. Les Mellars proposed that Mark Mitchell be invited to a meeting acknowledging that the Hauraki Gulf Forum got wound down.  A reminder that the deadline for feedback of the 10 year budget is Wednesday 28 March.

Sandspit Wharf Toilets – These are scheduled for an upgrade and maintenance.  It has been observed that they are being kept cleaner.


Sunny Bay – It is currently sitting with the Treaty Office as a claim.  Patrick Clarke affirmed that DOC are only the caretakers.  He offered to find out what the current status is of the negotiations. If we want to apply for anything to do with the foreshore, submissions are sent to the local iwi.  One iwi is now charging.  Potentially paperwork will be charged for even if the iwi are not interested.  A worst case scenario is that we could get charged for using our own foreshore.

DOC -  We are seeing a lot more cooperation with DOC which is much appreciated e.g. the garden maintenance, ropes around the trees, the new flagpole.   Patrick Clarke is hoping to develop a restoration plan working in partnership with Conservation Volunteers NZ (CVNZ). It would be a five-year plan working on the Mansion House reserve acknowledging that all the tracks need to be open.  With qualified CVNZ supervisors, potentially Kawau Islands can be volunteers.  Patrick is to provide a draft of his plan. Website - Michael Marris shared his report to everyone prior to the meeting.  It is to be actioned as proposed.  He reminded us of the importance to recruit a new Kookaburra advertising person.  Moved by Andrew Fyfe and seconded by Shelley Futcher.

Music in the Gardens – With donations and expenses MIG is left with $9,000 so a small amount was donated to the beneficiaries KERT and Coastguard.  (Camp Bentson declined).   Lin Pardey, Jill Hetherington and Ken Wells have all retired.  The remaining three members want to make sure it continues with some changes.  A high-priced event has been suggested with a Friday night ball and music on the Saturday.  It may happen every two years.  Thank you to DOC. Patrick to find out about the café lease renewal.  Maree still wants to be the license holder for 2019.  

Kookaburra – Thank you Michael for another great issue (autumn).  Shelley will continue to assist with the advertising until someone else has been recruited.  He will give the packing and posting back to Fay, Lyn and Nikki.  Michael asked how we might regenerate the executive.  He proposed hat we door knock in pairs over Easter to recruit more members.  

Election of Officers – Nomination received and signed from Paul Straus.  

Memberships 2018 – Nikki has mailed out the invoices.  Membership fees are being received.  She plans to follow-up unpaid fees and recruit for new members.  

Honorary Memberships – Each year this will be reviewed. Coastguard - No update.

Pohutakawa Trust – Carl Weaver informed us that every private landowner is entitled to determine what they want to do. It has been observed that the weka and kiwi populations are bigger since shooting started three years ago.

Regional Pest Management Plan – At the opening of the meeting Les Mellars reminded us that it is not KIRRA’s purpose to take sides.  We must remain neutral.  Everyone is entitled to make a submission, open until 28 March 2018.

Meeting closed 7.15 pm.

Next meeting 9.30am Saturday 26th May 2018.  Venue TBA.

(Draft) KIRRA AGM 2018 Minutes

(minutes to be confirmed at next AGM)

Annual General Meeting held at 11.30am Saturday 27th January 2018

The Gazebo, Mansion House, Bon Accord Harbour, Kawau Island

PRESENT: Pam Dallow, Gael Archer, Colin Bright, Peter Buckton, Andrew Fyfe, Ian Henderson, Nikki Porteous, Alan Marshall, Les & Dorina Mellars, Lin Pardey, Lyn Hume, Greg Sayers (Auckland Councillor, Rodney Ward), Beth Houbrooke (Rodney Local Board Chairperson), Robynne Vis (DOC), Michael Marris, Ron & Angela Buckton, Carl & Amanda Weaver, Judith & Craig Bettley, Ken Wells, Peter Hyde and Martin Louw.

APOLOGIES: Ron & Cynthia Archer, Ilona Warren, Wally & Sue Simpson, Kathryn & John Sinclair, Peter Allbon, Patria Hume, Ruth Henderson, Jane Myhre, Melda Brunette, Foster Archer, Doreen & Graeme Phipps, Janne & Arthur Beale, Alan & Patria & Sheralyn Hume, Sally Ostick & John Bird, Lesley & Diana Shand, Jill Hetherington, Sean & Ali Beehan, Jenny Mercer, Joyce Goudhue, David & Marge Kingston, Scott McIndoe, Judy Gilbert, Stuart & Alison Wilson, Richard & Josephine Neale, Fay Richardson & Dave Lornie, Jenny Paine and Gabrielle Wilson.

WELCOME: Les Mellars welcomed all those present and acknowledged the support of Mark Mitchell MP for Rodney.

BEREAVEMENTS: A moment of silence was held to remember those who have passed on.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS AGM: The 2017 minutes were published in the autumn issue of Kookaburra and all members received a copy. Les Mellars acknowledged and thanked Ray Weaver (deceased), Lin Pardey and Lyn Hume as people with passion for Kawau Island.

MATTERS ARISING: There were no matters arising from the minutes. Moved by Peter Buckton, seconded by Shelley Futcher, motion carried.

CHAIR REPORT – Les Mellars
It’s my pleasure to prepare this report for you today, in anticipation of our KIRRA AGM on Saturday, 27 January 2018.

Firstly, let me remind you that you have an amazing group of passionate Kawau Islanders working together to serve in the best interests of our Kawau Island community. I can say this because for most of this year I have been overseas traveling and in my absence, your committee has just rolled on regardless, dealing with each issue as it arises, some of which are complex, possibly draw-out and will be reported on separately. As most of you will be aware, Helen & Dave Jeffery retired from their Island business early last year and Helen made it clear that she would vacate the Secretary’s position as soon as someone else was available. Enter Nikki Porteous, Nikki like Helen is from North Cove and with Helen’s support, she has slipped nicely into her new role and I can say we a very happy to have her on-board.

Thought a “lucky to be alive situation” our Vice Chair, Simon Pire needed to step down from the committee at very short notice. We are hoping that after a full recovery Simon may consider returning, just in case we will nominate him again this year.

From our Financial Report, you will see that we have a healthy bank balance, special thanks must go to our Treasurer Ian Henderson for his invaluable efforts, by today’s standard we are receiving an excellent return on invested funds.

Have you enjoyed your Kookaburra Magazines this year? Michael Marris with his hand-picked team of helpers and wonderful contributors, has again in my opinion, made this year’s Kookaburras the most enlightening and colourful magazine that we have become to expect. If you are like me, you will have been delighted to receive every copy. We also enjoy Michael’s editorials which are thought-provoking and up-to-date with the goings-on that invade our little Island community.

Take the Sandspit Wharf saga for one, at the meeting I attended at Sandspit Café it was obvious that our small community has members with knowledge, professional expertise and a dash of common sense to boot. This was something Auckland Transport (AT) on this occasion, to their credit, accepted, and the outcome of this meeting was deemed to be successful.

Work to eradicate the dreaded Argentine ants continues and by all accounts the Biosecurity Team has been reasonably successful so far but total irradiation is still a work in progress.
Kiwi aversion programme, I noticed comment flowing from the mainland regarding recent kiwi kills, always a very sad subject to discuss. It is a fact that dogs, yes even cute ones have the “Gotta kill Kiwi” gene. I understand that this last sad episode was a visiting dog. Even so, we can always do something, any dog on someone else’s private property shouldn’t be there or if invited, only on a leash, end of story.

I’m told that Jill Howard for one is being proactive, she’s wishing to organise further kiwi aversion programmes on the Island, if you have a dog on Kawau, prepare to be an ongoing participant of this successful dog training programme. We can also make the DOC supported, dog management plan proposal a priority for this year. And whilst I mention DOC I need to be fair and acknowledge that DOC’s local management is a bit in between a rock and a hard place. Internally, they must work within the constraints of their Annual Budgets. I’m convinced local DOC management want to be helpful regarding Kawau but, if funding is limited then there is not a lot that can be done. In this regard, I believe that we can jointly explore what we can attain by working together and plan to achieve it. I’m delighted we’ve been invited to have this year’s AGM in Mansion House. Wow.

We recently received an offer to rebuild our website. I believe that this website should firstly, be a very professional and easy to use internet platform that fully supports all our activities on Kawau and secondly, be a place to promote the services of our Kookaburra advertisers. I will raise this matter at the AGM to see if there is enough interest and if so, we can look at forming a small sub-committee to direct this wonderful opportunity in the right direction.

Music in the Gardens: it just seems to get better every year and this year I’m sure will be no exception. The word is out and there will be many people coming from all over. Order your tickets now and don’t miss out. Finally, I’ve had a chance over the New Year to reconnect with the island and to listen to ideas from our locals. Some of these ideas are:
Why don’t we have a Kawau Island flag design competition with a decent sponsored prize? I love it! On hearing that a new eight-metre flag pole is being donated to Mansion House; Why don’t we plan to have an ANZAC parade there in the grounds, followed by a family picnic? Could we call on the Royal NZ Navy, maybe have a coastal patrol boat or two in the Bay? Why not, Governor Grey might even get out of his grave to be there?
Can KIRRA have a photo competition with prizes, and feature the wining pictures on our website?
Now that Johnny has sold the water taxi business to Reuben and sailed off into the sunset with Ann, will Reuben put on lolly jars for the little ones? Good question Reuben!
Is it time to resurrect Friends of Mansion House (FOMH) and their “Living History Day”? It was always a great day out for family and friends!
Let’s declare Kawau Island an Independent State, yer, elect our own government officials and issue passports to locals and tourists alike (for a price)? Why not, we could put our new flag on the front!Hey, with this legal claim for our foreshore on the horizon, why don’t we find out who the claimants are and explore options to work together to promote common ground between Maori and Kawau property owners? Sounds like a good idea to me!
What happened to the DOC Tourism Report that was commissioned sometime back? Yer, what did happen to DOC Tourism Report?
Maybe you have an idea too? A very good reason to make the effort to join us, have a chin-wag and enjoy lunch before the AGM. Remember.
Moved by Gael Archer, seconded by Pam Dallow, motion carried.

FINANCIAL - Ian Henderson, KIRRA Treasurer Copies were distributed and Ian Henderson summarized as follows:- Income subscriptions and donations are the same as the previous financial year, advertising is up thanks to Shelley Futcher and her hard work and interest rates are about the same. The best rate currently is 3.3%. Expenditure with administration and secretarial costs down, Kookaburra is up due to printing and postage, there were Sandspit Wharf expenses and Sunny Bay legal expenses. Repairs were made to the Sandspit mooring. Pam Dallow reported that the mooring is being used weekly. Overall there was a small profit of $235.
The financial report was moved by Shelley Futcher and seconded by Lyn Hume. Ian Henderson moved that a subscription increase be made, as it has been the same for 4 years. Also we can expect increased expenditures with customary rights and mailing. An increase of $5 making it $45 for a couple and $42 for a single was successfully voted on.
Moved by Lin Pardey, seconded by Shelley Futcher, motion carried.

Reports via email:
KIAC (Kawau Island Advisory Committee) REPORT- Lin Pardey
KERT (Kawau Emergency Response Trust) REPORT - Ken Wells, Chairman
FENZ (Fire Emergency NZ) REPORT – Gavin Brunton, Chief Fire Officer
KOOKABURRA REPORT – Michael Marris, Editor
POHUTUKAWA TRUST REPORT -  Carl Weaver, Chairman.

Other Reports:

Beth reminded us of the America’s Cup coming to Auckland and that there will be opportunities for Kawau Island. She is happy to facilitate communication with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development. A thank you to Michael Marris for keeping up communication with local and regional councils. It is coming up to the 10 year Auckland City Council budget with the local board’s 3-year budget. Documents will be sent out and islanders are encouraged to participate in regional issues such as rates and the fuel tax.

Greg shared his impressions of the new Auckland Mayor and Council. There continues to be centralisation and no plans to give Rodney any more money. Also as a consequence the Kawau Island voice keeps getting watered down. As our counselor Greg has a good relationship with the mayor and the elected leadership team. Sandspit wharf was a great example of our community’s solidarity. Relationships with the local MPs are strong. The input of KIAC he acknowledged.
“Please keep up the good fight” as small wins are happening all the time at local board level.

All nominations have been received in accordance with the rules and it was moved by Lyn Hume and seconded by Lin Pardey that all committee members as listed below are standing again including our Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
Chairman – Les Mellars, Secretary – Nikki Porteous, Treasurer - Ian Henderson, Committee Members - Gael Archer, Colin Bright, Peter Buckton, Pam Dallow, Shelley Futcher, Alan Marshall, Andrew Fyfe, Paul (Taz) Strauss and Simon Pirie (to be confirmed).

SUNNY BAY – Colin Bright was asked by the Chairman to speak to the meeting regarding Sunny Bay, but he stated because of the pressure of time, he wanted instead to speak to all Kawau Island residents and ratepayers about the importance of the issues that were now, and would, in the future, result from, and impact on, all Islanders. Those issues related to claims that had been made by Maori tribes and tribal groups under the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011. The claims sought either Customary Marine Titles or Protected Customary Rights over the coastal marine area around Kawau and immediately neighbouring small islands.

There was a limitation period for the lodging of such claims that expired in April 2017. That limitation period for the lodging of claims applied not just to the coastal marine areas around Kawau Island but also the entire coast line of New Zealand. As a consequence of expiring of that limitation period, tribal groups have raced to lodge claims before the expiry date. There has been a flood of such claims lodged, seeking recognition of rights to Customary Marine Titles of Protected Customary Rights and covering the coast marine areas right around New Zealand,
The number of the claims lodged that may affect the coastal and marine areas around Kawau Is are still uncertain and is still being researched. So far some 14 such claims have been established. The applicants all appear to be well resourced and they are being well represented in the applications they have made.

Particularly because Kawau Islanders are so dependent upon their jetties for access and sea wall for tidal protection these applications seem likely to have a major impact on all Kawau Islanders. It is important that the Island is represented and that its voice is entitled to be heard at the hearing of any of these applications under which either Customary Marine Title rights or Protected Customary Rights are being sought around Kawau Island and/or its immediately adjoining small islands.

If that is to happen then Notices of Appearance need to be prepared and filed in respect of each claim that is identified as seeking customary rights around Kawau.
Les Mellars moved on behalf of all Islanders that notice of claims of interest be prepared and filed in respect of all such claims affecting, or that might affect, the coastal marine areas around Kawau Island and the immediate small surrounding islands and that the associated costs, both of the preparation and filing of those notices by KIRRA and also by KIAC, be accepted and met. Moved by Les Mellars, seconded by Carl Weaver, motion carried.
DOC – Robynne Vis, DOC Community Ranger, reminded everyone that the dog aversion training will take place on 10th March or the following weekend.
MUSIC IN THE GARDENS – Planning is going well for this event on Saturday 17th February. There have been a lot of generous donation for the blind auction.
HONORARY MEMBERSHIP - At the December committee meeting it was decided that one deserving person each year would be nominated for honorary membership at the AGM. This year it was with pleasure we presented Lyn Hume with this award for long and outstanding service to both the Kawau Island community and to the Association.
Meeting closed at 2.45pm.

KIRRA Executive Minutes

02 December 2017

10.00 am Saturday 2nd December 2017 at The Beach House, vivian bay

PRESENT: Les Mellars, Peter Buckton, Andrew Fyfe, Michael Marris, Nikki Porteous, Gael Archer, Shelley Futcher, Lyn Hume and Lin Pardey.

APOLOGIES: Alan Marshall, Paul Strauss, Pam Dallow, Robynne Vis, Colin Bright, Ian Henderson, Robynne Vis (DOC Community Ranger), Greg Sayers (Rodney Ward – Auckland Councillor) and Beth Houbrooke (Rodney Local Board Chairperson).

ALSO PRESENT: Keith Gell (DOC Inner Islands Operation Manager).

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: No matters arising. Moved by Peter Buckton and seconded by Gael Archer.

CORRESPONDENCE: Inwards: New membership and donation from Hilary West and Eldon Reeve acknowledged, Beth Houlbrooke’s email in regards to the set up of a national network of Ratepayers and Residents groups (Nikki to gather more information), Scott’s email in regards to the apparent dumped boat (Nikki to email a response), Grid map (Andrew to follow up with council and census for a landholders map of the Island).
Outwards: Letter written by Nikki to Robynne Vis (DOC) thanking her for her continued involvement with KIRRA).
Moved by Andrew Fyfe and seconded by Nikki Porteous.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Financials were presented.  Michael Marris to enquire with NZ Post as to the increased costs of postage.  Ian Henderson suggests writing off the computer as an asset and waiving this to the next general meeting.  Moved by Shelley Futcher and seconded by Peter Buckton.
Sandspit Wharf – Michael Marris reported on a recent meeting he had with AT.  We are going back to a self-management system.  The repair work will be done sometime in 2018 during the off-season.  A plastic pontoon will be put down over summer. Michael Marris and Beth Houlbrooke are talking with AT about a wharf finger.  Reflections on how the different bodies are siloed.  
Richard DeVille and Matiul Khan have been very helpful.  Good outcomes have been the building of stronger relationships with KBC, SYC and Sandspit Marina, plus the Sandspit Residents and Ratepayers Association.  Recommendations made are that we need a Reserve management plan and we need to get together with other groups to work collectively for change.  
Sandspit Residents and Ratepayers group:  no update.
Customary Rights Claims:  Lin Pardey will be meeting with the Bay of Islands group to look at underwriting reasons and the background. She will write a report on this meeting.  Nikki Porteous read from Colin Bright’s letter which is attached with these minutes.  KIAC needs to be represented on the local council and needs to be a committee.  Currently it is only Lin Pardey plus Lyn Hume and Michael Marris when they put their hands up.  This issue needs to be bought to the attention of all members at the AGM.  
Rodney Local Board:  no update.
Sandspit Wharf Toilets:  Several committee members reported issues.  Phone the 0800 3010101 with complaints.

GENERAL BUSINESS: Sunny Bay: Refer to Colin Bright’s letter attached with these minutes.
DOC:  In Robyyne Vis’s absence Keith Gell reported on the following:-
Dog aversion training will be happening in March.  20 are required.  Currently 8 registered.  
A workshop on an Island kiwi management plan will occur at the same time and needs an Island representative.  Kiwi Care Trust involvement became too bureaucratic in the past.  Keith to follow up.

Historic builders are working on Mansion House.  TOPO surveys are being done of the land.  Arborists are caring for the Island Bay fig.  Picnic tables are getting an upgrade.  Pines are dropped to protect infrastructure. Frustration expressed.  Keith will look into the Miners Track, which is closed despite the belief that there are no pines on it.
Overall Keith reflected that we are in a better place than 12 months ago.  Progress is being made with the planning team working on projects.
The great input of voluntary groups was acknowledged.
Website: Overall everyone agreed that it could be improved upon. Taz to be asked to present an offer.  Michael Marris to report on his thoughts about Island communications overall.

Music in the Gardens: The date for this event is 17th Feb 2018.
Kookaburra: The summer issue will be out this month.
Honorary Memberships: There are many deserving members so it was decided that one person would be nominated each year and announced at the AGM.  A write up will be done for the Kookaburra also.  
Coastguard:  no update.
AGM:  To be held 10am Saturday 27th January 2018 at The Band Rotunda on Mansion House grounds.  Shelley to ask Maree to cater.  
Meeting closed at 12.15pm and was followed by a Xmas lunch.
Next meeting: 10am AGM Saturday 27th January 2018 at the Mansion House Reserve Rotunda.  


KIRRA Executive Minutes

02 September 2017

held 9.30am Saturday 2nd September at Shelley Futcher’s, Stockyard Bay

PRESENT: Colin Bright, Peter Buckton, Pam Dallow, Alan Marshall,  Andrew Fyfe, Nikki Porteous, Michael Marris, Robynne Vis, DOC

APOLOGIES: Paul Strauss, Ian Henderson, Beth Houlbrooke, Shelley Futcher, Les Mellars, Gael Archer, Greg Sayers

LETTERS OF CONDOLENCE: Nikki Porteous as secretary to write letters on behalf of KIRRA to Greg Sayers for the passing of his father, and to Chic Vercoe for the passing away of Brian Vercoe.

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Moved by Peter Buckton and seconded by Pam Dallow.  No matters arising.

CORRESPONDENCE: Inwards: Email from Bryan and Helen Airey also sent to DOC and Mark Mitchell, MP. They are volunteers with the Mansion House gardening group and have formed a group of volunteers to help re-open the tracks.  Due to Health and Safety issues DOC has disallowed this.  DOC would like to see all the tracks opened and Robynne Vis informed us that the Redwood Track will be open by Xmas.  There are ongoing repairs being made to Ladies Bay track.  KIRRA understands DOC’s Health and Safety concerns.
Outgoing: no outgoing correspondence

TREASURER’S REPORT: Financials were presented and moved by Pam Dallow and seconded by Andrew Fyfe. It was noted that there is increase of approximately $5,500 in surplus due to a reduction in expenditure.

Sandspit Resident and Ratepayers Group – no update.
Customary Rights Claims – Michael Marris shared his own personal experience of lodging a claim.  A planner acting on your behalf approaches each of the 150+ claimant who can make CMA claims.  The process is very complex and potentially expensive.  
Colin Bright has lodged a notice on behalf of KIRRA and the numbers of claimants nearly fill two ring binders.  Colin Bright moved that he write to AC to seek clarification in regard to resource consent rights to the foreshore.  Peter Buckton seconded.
Rodney Local Council – KIAC hadn’t been notified of the August meeting so had been minute-ed as did not attend.  Following our response the meeting has been rescheduled to 15 September.  Michael Marris and Andrew Fyfe will attend.

Sunny Bay:  Colin Bright is waiting a reply to the Official Information Act request on the settlement and Heritage Reserve status.   
DOC – Robynne Vis from DOC updated us on the following:
- The Bio-Diversity Ranger (Alicia) has been looking into the kiwi killing on Kawau Island.  There are only seven registered dogs on the Island but as we know there are a greater number who will be registered in Auckland.  She would like to offer dog owners kiwi avoidance training which is not fool-proof but is about training the owners as well.  An item will go in Kookaburra with Robynne Vis’s email address Some discussion also made about the vulnerability of wekas and how they need to be included in the avoidance training.
- Robynne shared a hard copy and will email us the Northland Plan for kiwi protection.
-  During Conservation Week, the Chinese Conservation and Education Trust is visiting the Island. Karl Weaver from Pohutukawa Trust has been invited to talk to them.
- Concerns have been expressed about the opening hours of Mansion House.  Robynne will be attending the next Bookworms meeting to ask for a volunteer group who could help keep it open for longer hours.
-  Colin Bright thanked Robynne for this report acknowledging that the changes are important.
Website: Greg Tabron’s report was read out.  Everyone is to look at it and the two website links in the report, plus our own website.  Responses to be bought to the next meeting.
Music in the Gardens: An email from Lin Pardey with the finalised poster and letter to sponsors to be shared.  A meeting for all those involved is planned for November 8th 6.30pm at the Surrey Inn.

Bank signatory: With the resignation of Helen Jeffery as secretary, that the new secretary Nikki Porteous be added as an authorised bank signatory on the BNZ bank account. Moved by Colin Bright, seconded by Peter Buckton.  
Kookaburra: Spring issue will be out in the next 15 days.  Michael Marris to liaise with Shelley Futcher in regards to finding someone to help her with the advertisers.  
It needs to be kept at around 28%. It is a struggle to receive a contribution from the Harbour Master especially now Graeme has left and the office is moving to a new site on Elizabeth St in Warkworth.  
Colin Bright to write a letter to Coastguard to express appreciation of their quarterly contributions to Kookaburra in acknowledgement of the financial support they receive from the Island.  Nikki Porteous seconded.  
Meeting closed 10.50am.  Next meeting Wednesday 25th October 2017 5.30pm at Ponsonby Yacht Club.

KIRRA Executive Minutes

12 July 2017

Minutes of the KIRRA Executive Committee Meeting
held Wednesday 12th July 5.30pm Ponsonby Yacht Club rooms, Westhaven

PRESENT: Helen Jeffery, Les Mellars, Gael Archer, Shelley Futcher, Colin Bright, Peter Buckton, Pam Dallow, Alan Marshall, Nikki Porteous, Michael Marris, Lin Pardey, Greg Sayers, Robynne Vis, DOC

APOLOGIES: Andrew Fyfe, Paul Strauss, Ian Henderson, Beth Houlbrooke
Les Mellars, Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced new secretary, Nikki Porteous, also special welcome to Greg Sayer for attending

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Minutes have been circulated and it was moved by Colin Bright that due to not having a quorum at the May meeting, all issues discussed are now tabled, accepted and seconded by Shelley Futcher.

CORRESPONDENCE: Inwards: email from Mark Hampson re Motukete reef protection, email from Patrick Clarke DOC
Outgoing: no outgoing correspondence

TREASURER’S REPORT: financials were presented and approved by Pam Dallow and seconded by Gael Archer. Approval to Colin for payment of $110 for the Coastal Marine Application he has put in on behalf of KIRRA. We have 232 paid up financial KIRRA members.
Overdue invoices were sent out with Winter Kookaburra magazine, still hope to receive a few more before the end of the financial year.

Lin Pardey has been working with Auckland Transport and Graeme Kearney, Harbourmaster and between them they have worked out a plan for the “eight orphan” moorings in the North Cove vicinity. A joint resource consent application is to be made for these moorings.  This will sort this issue going into the future.
The Sandspit Residents & Ratepayers Association, KIAC and Beth Houlbrooke – Rodney Local Board Chairperson have been working together to sort out all the issues along the Sandspit wharf and surrounding areas. It has been discovered that between the carpark and the wharf there are at least six different departments involved. One option is to work towards a new Reserves Management plan for this area – the last one was pulled together in 1997 with no consultation with Kawau Islanders.
Customary Rights Claim – KIAC have put in a submission and Colin Bright has put one in on behalf of KIRRA – both parties agree this will probably be a long drawn out process.
Rodney Local Board – Greg very pleased to know that KIAC have put in several submissions to the Local Board plan. The Local Board are working on their budget at present and this will be submitted at council level. Fall out will mean rates will be going up around two and a half percent, Rodney and Franklin areas escaped the mayors “bed tax” thanks to Greg’s vote plus these areas do not benefit from Auckland events.

Sunny Bay: Colin Bright will update at next meeting
DOC – Robynn Vis, Community Ranger attended the meeting and explain how DOC wish to be more active on the Island, consulting with Islanders and keeping everyone informed about what is happening on the DOC reserve. We, KIRRA and KIAC want to build new relationships with DOC, it’s our reserve and we all want to work together with Robyn and her colleagues. She will be based at the Warkworth office one day per week.
Kookaburra: Another great issue, thank Michael, Spring issue due out end of September
GPS Beacon Proposal – Westpac Helicopter – neither Andrew nor Michael have received any response to their correspondence and it would appear that independent operators have suggested that updated helicopters possess the required technology within their operating systems.
The $90 million surplus should enable Kawau to benefit from this regardless of our contribution. The chopper fleet is being rationalised. We recognised the initiative as a good one and we will always back them. There does seem to be “shifting sands” mood within this industry and Michael will keep in touch with the Mechanics Bay team.  Michael will speak with the people who donated money to this cause and let them know the situation.  Andrew to prepare a report for the AGM in January 2018.
Kawau Website: Parts of this site still require updating and it would be great if the website was more interactive and utilised more by all associations.  Greg Tabron has been asked to prepare a report on the website and come up with suggestions going forward, we want other Kawau based associations to use the site to promote their activities and news.   
Motukete Reef: A KIRRA member, Jill Hetherington is investigating this and will write a report for Kookaburra.
Meeting closed 7.15pm  Next meeting Saturday 2nd September 2017 9.30am  Kawau Island, venue to be advised.