Sandspit Wharf Repairs

AT advise of their proposed works to be completed by end of September. Access may be limited at times during the works however it is intended that the wharf should be operational throughout.

•                     Infill of existing gap between pedestrian walkway and vehicle section of wharf to better enable passenger and trolley flow along this section, existing deck will be replaced with continuous timbers rather than have a joint in the middle of the walkway (yellow section below).  The garden at the end of the wharf will be removed, and the small plaque at the end of the wharf retained for re-installation at the end of the project.

•                     A long bench for passenger will be designed along the infill section as part of the separation between passenger and vehicle areas of the wharf (red section below)

•                     Toe rail in front of the wharf building will be being moved out to be in line with the first toe rail, this should widen the pedestrian section by the canopy supports to sufficiently accommodate the wharf trollies (purple line below)

•                     Existing post for barrier chain to be moved to edge of infill section so as to remove obstruction on newly widened walkway (blue triangles and dotted line below)

•                     New bollard will be considered to prevent anyone driving onto the newly widened section (green dot below)

•                     They will be looking into some minor works at the waiting area to improve the wharf user waiting experience.

•                     There is also a pile at the northern steps which AT were asked to look into re-locating by the Harbourmaster. AT advise they will be undertaking cleaning and painting activities in time for the busy summer season.


180726 SS Wharf Repairs.jpg
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