Total Fire Ban As At 31 October

From Chris Carding:
Hi there everyone 

We are now moving into a prohibited fire season commonly known as a TOTAL FIRE BAN 

This means no outside open fires at all on Kawau Island from the end of October 2018

You can however operate a gas BBQ no permit required for these , or some fully contained fires which have a special fire permit issued by  me as a fire officer for FENZ Kawau 

Any questions please contact me:

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION : What happens if I light a fire without a fire permit during a restricted or prohibited fire season ?

ANSWER : It is an offence under the fire and emergency NZ Act 2017 to knowingly or recklessly light a fire in the open air without a fire permit if a restricted or a prohibited fire season has been declared

If convicted of an offence an individual could face up to 2 years in prison or a fine not exceeding $300,000 or both.........In any other case the fine could be up to $600,000

Its very serious stuff folks so please make sure you are doing things right and lets keep Kawau Island green and our community safe

FIREWORKS : Please no fireworks on Kawau Island anywhere , that includes from off boats or pontoons they are a major threat especially when up into the atmosphere , just one stray projectile could see our island gone with a huge risk to us and all living creatures here

Its not about not having fun its just not safe to light fireworks here on Kawau Island your fireteam asks that you please respect this 

Cheers , all the best

Chris Carding FENZ  ( Fire Emergency New Zealand )

Fire Permits Kawau Island & Emergency Management Kawau Island

027 319 4040

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